Visit in Turkey

28th September - 3rd October 2014 


Students' reports

My stay in Turkey
I want to report how the meeting in Izmir was and how it was to stay in another family.
When I heard, that we would stay in Izmir with a family that I didn't know, I was desperated and shocked.
So at first I thought it would be very boring and I thought I couldn't stay with a foreign family, because I didn't know how people were in Turkey. When we arrived in Izmir the family picked us up at the subway station and we got off by car. Soon I remarked that I was not alone. Luckily my friend Diyar was our neighbour, so it was the first thing I liked. When we arrived after 3 hours flight in a house it was a good feeling. As oon as we arrived at home they asked me if I was hungry and we had lunch together with my friend Diyar and the family. Yes! After the lunch we went outside to have a look at the surrounding, how people and landscape were.
They were very kind and I liked the family very much. When it was time to go they gave me a small present so I never forget them. So all my fears were eliminated. It was a great experience with many new impressions. Thanks a lot!

I've been in a turkish family with one son, his name is Erdem. The food was really delicious, although it was different from our food. One day we went to the zoo and other places, like other citys. I met also different people from Finland and Turkey.The partner school in Turkey is very small and full. All in all the Turkey trip was very gorgeous. 
Diyar, the Kurd

Paula and me stayed in two different families. Our first family was very nice, they gave us a lot of food and it was delicious. The second family was really nice too and their home was very nice and big and they gave us a lot of free time. All in all both families were hospitable and we like them. :-) In Turkey we did lots of trips to other cities and it was very interesting. The weather was very hot, the turkish people were very nice to us and we like them. All in all we liked the trip to Turkey very much and it was interesting to meet new people form other countries. We met a lot of nice people.
Thank you :-*    Paula and Ilayda

I think Turkey was a nice experience for me. I met a lot of nice people.
My family was very kind and they did a lot of different things with Zehra and me.
My highlight in Turkey was that my hostfamily show us a very delicious traditional ice-cream.
All in all it was a very nice trip with a lot of great, special things.
Thank you ♥ Madeline

While our exchange in turkey we stayed in host families. Our families were very nice and hosbitable to us and cook a lot of delicious food. But they live in very small houses and their english wasn´t so good. The house wasn´t so far away from the school but we wasn´t in school so often. We did a lot of journeys and sightseeing. We saw the olympic swimmingpool, the house of virgin, Konak and other things. We don´t meet the other students so often but we nevertheless have fun with them.
Lynn♥ and Marica♥
Family: We like our host family, they were very friendly and cute.
Food: We loved the turkish food ! It was very delicious!
School: The school system of Turkey is very diffrent from Germany. We don't like it, because the young students seem to be very crazy!
Abnormality: There were many dogs and cats on the street :-)
Living: The turkish houses and flats are very different from german ones.Every room was small and narrow.
Sights: We like the Clock-Tower and the beach. It was really beautiful :-))
Trips: We made many trips. Sometimes they were boring and we just sat there. We liked the trip to the beach:-)
Hospitality: They were very kind and they cooked very well :-)
Contact to other students: The other students were very cute and kind and we like them, but the turkish students were different. Most of them can't speak English. But we want to keep  contact with them in the future :-)
Thank you Zehra and Erona:-)♥

 Getting to know Turkey during our Comenius mobility was totally different from former holiday experiences! 
Of course we saw those touristic places you have to visit when you get to Izmir (lovely beaches, archaeological excavations "Ephesus", cute little mountain villages, modern shopping malls, ...). It was awesome!
But we saw the other side too. Many high-rise buildings side by side, being in a real bad state, straying dogs and cats, rubbish lying about everywhere on the roads, poor people with tattered clothes, trying to sell little self-made gifts,... shattering!
The possibility to stay with host families gave us a deeper view into the living circumstances and some cultural aspects. 
Did you know that some of the appartments don't even have a toilet? They use holes in the floor (don't know the translation for "Plumpsklo" :-)) And one of our students got a bucket with water in order to have a shower...
Nevertheless the hospitality was amazing! Everyone was very friendly and made so many efforts  so that we felt really comfortable. 

2nd October 2014




1st October 2014

Izmir Bazar

30th September 2014



29th September 2014
classroom in Turkey

our team for Turkey :-D
certificates for every school

our turkish partner school

28th September 2014

23rd September 2014
Turkish people mostly wear slippers in their houses, so don't forget them!
The temperature actually is  25° - 27°C :-D

We are going to travel to Turkey in September :-D 

We - that's Zehra, Eva, Ilayda, Erona, Madeline, Pia, Lynn, Marica, Paula, Diyar and Tunahan.

So  I thought about giving some information before.

The flights:

flight from

Some important vocabulary:
Guten Tag/ Hallo
How are you?
Wie geht’s?
I love you
Seni seviyorum
Ich liebe dich
My name is…
Benim adɩm
Ich heiße…
It’s ok
In Ordnung
Saǧol/ teșekkürler


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