18th December 2014

Our survey concerning media consumption of kids at our school has got the following results:

29th October 2014

The German part of the Comenix is ready. It's part 3 of the whole comic.

Comenix in Germany 


22nd October 2014








24th September 2014

The posters for our ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES presentation are ready. Here they are:

And a model of alternative energy generation.

18th September 2014

We've created a new PowerPointPresentation: 

Waste management in Germany

Have a look :-)

17th September 2014

Our SIGNPOST is ready :-D


That's it!


July 2014

We've made a survey concerning SPORTS:

We walked into five classes and asked students in the 9th grade about their favourite sports.
Most of them answered: football or handball.
There were also students who don't do sports at all or don't have a favourite sport.

June 2014

We created a new presentation concerning German teens :-D

Have a look: German teens

We've got the eTwinning Label :-)

9th April 2014
Our Comenius scarves - produced by Turkey :-)

Turkish bookmarks. Thanks :-*

 17th March 2014
Our brochure is ready !!!

December 2013

have a look at our:

 11th December 2013
We've been creating the Christmas cards for our partners. 

30th November 2013

GERMANIX has been chosen:


 designed by David, Ozan and Dominic

November 2013
We have to choose the GERMANIX for the Comenix-comic. Here are the proposals:


no. 2

no. 3


October 2013

Our ideas for the logo:
no. 1

no. 2

no. 3  

Please choose one of these logos to be the winner :-)


our signpost:

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