Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Creating a flyer - top features of EU

Today we create a flyer, with information about Comenius and the EU, for example what we do and what's the idea of Comenius.
Also we write down something about the EU from the beginning to positive aspects and like every wednesday we design our showcase.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Club meeting 1/22/14

Today Moritz and Lukas write how german people are. Some people put photos next to our showcase and some others still write "what people like about Halle ".

We  take photos of our club meeting.
The group of the TABU game is still collecting words for it and create cards and a box.

Moritz and Luke are writing a text about the famous "Gerry Weber Open" (tennis competition) in Halle.
Diyar starts brainstorming for the EU-brochure.

Nikola & Fynn

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

So much work

Some groups have new tasks, but some students also still finish their task from last week.
Today some groups work hard to finish the game "TABU" but they can't finish, because it's really much. They cut and glue the cards and it looks very nice.
We work a lot and we have much to do.
Lea and Janine are beautify the showcase with their cards.
Ozan, David, Bianca, Ilayda, Erona and Eva will bake a europe-flag cake. They have 2 weeks time for that, that's very cool. :-)

Tunahan :-)

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

AG Meeting

Today some girls are showcasing christmas cards of our partners from Bulgary, Romania, Spain, Greece and Turkey.  
They are very beautiful !!!
thank you!!! 

Ilayda, Erona, Zehra and  Tunahan are still trying to analyze the questionnaire and hopefully they'll finish it today. ;-)

Diyar and Moritz are running around Halle, asking people about their hometown.

A group of girls is searching words for TABU while David, Ozan and Dominik are preparing the logos for the cards.

Some others will cut and paste them afterwards.

Fynn and Nikola